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Month: October 2013

Summers of the future

Freely inspired by the desire called utopia and archeologies of the future by Frederic Jameson read more here: http://www.thevalve.org/go/valve/article/jamesons_archaeologies_of_the_future/  

the yoUNg

A documentary on Youth Participation at the United Nations directed by Giuseppe Porcaro and produced by the European Youth Forum   The YoUNg from Giuseppe Porcaro on Vimeo.

e-Participation: Fashion or substance?

this article was published on 24 September 2013 on EurActiv.com http://www.euractiv.com/eu-elections-2014/participation-fashion-substance-analysis-530669 Online participation is regarded as the silver bullet to catch voters’ interest at the next European election. But will online tools shift the power to the people? With European elections approaching, campaigns and initiatives are blossoming. While voter turnout rates are at their lowest and

Tackling youth unemployment together

This Article has been published on 24 October on EurActiv.com and can be read also on: http://www.euractiv.com/socialeurope/tackling-youth-unemployment-analysis-517951 “Young people in Europe are living in a context of ever greater political and social uncertainty. Europe’s weakening economy is disproportionately affecting its youth. Unemployment has reached almost epic proportions across the EU, with one in five young people