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Madame Pipi

The raise and fall of “Madame Pipi”

Two guys (me and Frederik) had the idea to creating a TV series about the ladies that clean the toilets in Belgium with the social mission to transform them into national hero and the dream to start producing TV shows. what happened then?

created by Frederik Jassogne and Giuseppe Porcaro (2013)




Disco Sour

porcarorama sound of Christmas 2014 goes South.


I was amazed to learn about their fresh indie and pop scene when i spent some days there at beginning of december. It confirmed the idea of an interesting musical Country which I already had in mind before, knowing the fact that Nicolas Jaar was born there.

You can hear Astro, which sounds very much like Passion Pit but look very much like MGMT; Mecanico, which just released their new album; Denver (which i think have one of the songs i like the most in the selection), which are “pololos” (the way they say that people are together in Chile – which i find super sweet word by the way) and also many others, including the more globally known Villalobos and the above mentionedJaar.

Enjoy, while drinking a Pisco Sour under the Christmas tree!

### special and huge thanks to Felipe Castillo (Pipo). without him and the music he gave me this compilation would not have been conceived.
#### thanks to Air France who stranded me between Europe and Latin America. being lost in time and space was a source of inspiration.

#1 Variations (Nicolas Jaar) #2 Adolecientes (Denver) #3 Colombo (Astro) #4 The Game (Mecanico) #5 Sudamerican Rockers (Tunacola) #6 Primera Estrella (Javiera Mena) #7 Bailar y llorar (Teleradio Donoso) #8 Cómo puedes vivir contigo mismo? (Alex Anwandter) #9 Sambacanuta (Rock Hudson) #10 Rollerskate (Matias Aguayo) #11 Musica y Discos (Nueva Orleans) #12 The only shrine I’ve seen (darkside) #13 Théorème D’Archimède (Ricardo Villalobos) #14 Novias (El Guincho feat. Javiera Mena)
# intro words by Salvador Allende.
## poems in Villalobos track by Pablo Neruda.


Geometry of Conscience

Geometry of Conscience


Chile is voting for their new president.

Two women are running.

The young democracy is moving on. Congratulations to both of them. However.

The first act of the Military Junta, 13 September 1973 set the weekly workers schedule to 44 hours. 40 years after this is still the rule.





Santiago, Museum of Human Rights and Memory. Warm morning of late november.

Nr. 1 – Entrance of the Museum of Memory

Doorman of the museum (DM): – Ah you are here for Alfredo Jaar – 

I: – Yes, I was down the staircase but it was closed –

DM: – of course it’s lunch time they are coming back at 14h00 –

I: – but it’s now 12.30 –

I (sounding desperate): – this is my only morning in Santiago and I am coming from far away. I had a long trip to come here. –DM: – yeah but they are eating –

DM: – yeah but they are eating –

I: – but at 14h00 I need to be in the other side of the town to catch a bus and I will never see the memorial anymore –

DM: – mmmm – (pause)

DM: – you can go she will open it for you –

I: – Thanks! –



Nr. 2 – Memorial “geometry of conscience” by Alfredo Jaar

Guard: – You enter and there is dark, don’t worry –

I: – yes –

I enter and there is dark and all of a sudden a flashing light appears and the silhouettes  of a thousands of men and women, dead or alive, who witnessed the violence of the Military Regime in Chile appear – no frills – no explanation – just in your face. Three minutes. and then out. the sun shining. Walking out the stairs is part of the experience, coming back to light, from underground. To democracy.



Nr. 3 – Museum of Memory 1st Floor 

Brazilian Girl: – Lo mataron? – (they killed him? referred to President Allende)

I: – he had no other choice –

BG (with a light in her black eyes): – it’s horrible what they did –

I: – yes – 

On the background, images of the bombing of “La Moneda”, Chile Government building on 11 September 1973 by the military forces guided by General Pinochet.