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Month: February 2014

On every internet… #NetNeutrality

Following my post at @NeelieKroesEU Blog (https://ec.europa.eu/commission_2010-2014/kroes/en/content/guest-blog-byeroamingcall-wake-call-strive-digital-rights) inviting young people to strive for digital rights, I met yesterday (18.02.14) with MEP Amelia Andersdotte @teirdes to have a chat about #NetNeutrality. The meeting was a good opportunity to learn more about the current debate related wit the Connected Continent legislative package and digital rights. With our

Renzi, Scout leaders,Tex Willer and Corto Maltese

Matteo Renzi will probably be the first Italian Prime Minister that instead of having been in a Party Political Youth Organisation or in the official Catholic Youth Movement (Azione Cattolica) received his non-formal education in the scout movement. Beyond the photos in short trousers that have been circulating in the past few years on newspapers,

Renzi, Capi Scout, Tex Willer e Corto Maltese

Matteo Renzi sarà quindi il primo presidente del consiglio che invece di aver frequentato una giovanile di partito o l’azione cattolica si è formato nel movimento scout, in particolare nell’Agesci. Al di là delle foto in pantaloncini corti apparse negli ultimi anni sui giornali, sarebbe utile fare una riflessione su come il percorso formativo di