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Month: November 2016

How to make politics great (again)

Drawing on some of the factors that led to support for Brexit and Trump – outcomes many would have considered impossible a few months back –  Sylvia Merler and Giuseppe Porcaro offer their views on how politicians, voters, and institutions must redefine and rebuild politics. This article was originally published by the London School of

Tweeting Brexit: Narrative building and sentiment analysis

This article was co-authored with HENRIK MÜLLER and originally published by Bruegel Public discourse on social media was already in favour of Brexit by early summer 2015, and stayed that way until the referendum. An analysis of more than 890 000 tweets posted since 2012 reveals clear trends in the mood of online discussion. Our new methodology captures

Democracy in the age of the Internet of Things

This article was published originally by techcrunch  With the release of Swipe the Vote in spring 2016, Tinder, the ultimate hook-up app, broke new ground in the United States by claiming to be able to match young voters with their dream-perfect presidential candidate. The matchmaking app tries to make voting sexy by employing to representative politics its same cut-to-the-chase